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  • BETTA HAMMOCK: Bettas have an organ called a labyrinth, which allows them to breathe air as well as getting oxygen from the water via their gills. that's the reason why they also come up to the water surface and relax. Leaf hammocks make great places for your betta to take a short break after swimming
  • EASY TO SET UP: Designed with suction cup, you can easily put it into any place you like in the tank. Rinse the betta plant leaf with cool running water before use.The over length approx.2.7'',the bigger leaf approx.2.36''x1.77'', the smaller leaf approx.1.97''x1.50'',ideal for betta fish playing
  • NOTE: Before adding the suction cup into the tank, please clean the aquarium glass surface firstly, so that the suction cup will hold the bed for a longer period of time
  • HOW TO INSTALL: Attach the suction cup to your tank about 3/4" below the waterline, creating a resting place near the surface and hiding spot for your betta
  • For first time betta owners, your fish may not like to rest on the hammock but most bettas like to have some cover in their environment. They may just hover below it to rest, which is making them happy too. If your betta ignores it, try relocating in the tank

In nature, betta live in shallow waters and spend a lot of time floating near the surface because bettas can rely on their labyrinth organ for oxygen. Betta fish will surface, stick its mouth above water and suck in air, allowing it to survive in poorly oxygenated waters where other fish could not. Placing the leaf hammock near the surface of the tank gives your betta a place to rest where they are most comfortable
Fish Tank DecorThis betta leaf hammock is not only no ill effects to your water quality, but also can provide a beautiful, natural looking pop of color in your fish tank

Ideal for any bowl or tank, great for your Betta. Its material used are chemical free, pet friendly, and waterproof, also does not contain any metal wiring that may rust underwater,the bigger leaf approx.2.36''x1.77'', the smaller leaf approx.1.97''x1.50''

How to set up this betta hammock:
1. Find a place where your betta like most in the tank
2. Take out some water from the surface, wipe the sucker and tank wall clean and dry
3. Stick the suction cup to the side walls in your tank
4. Pouring some water inside up the leaf, the leaf is submerged in the water about two inches below the water line

1. If you directly stick the suction cup through the water(not in the dry side wall), the suction cup will fall down easily
2. Set up the leaf a distance away from any filter currents if you have a filter in the tank

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