SLSON Cat Slow Feeder Bowl,Ceramic Slow Feed Cat Bowls Heavy and Shallow Wisker Stress-Free Pets Dish for Kittens Small Pets Wet Food,White


Selling Point

  • PROMOTE HEALTHY DIET FOR CATS: The ceramic slow feeder bowl is especially designed to slow down your pets feeding, encourages cats/puppies to eat or drink at a slower pace,to preventing indigestion, vomiting and bloating.Eat Slower and Eat Healthier.
  • CERAMIC CAT SLOW FEEDER: this slow feeder bowl made of high quality exquisite ceramic,they do not make as much noise as stainless steel cat dishes and do not absorb smell like plastic pet bowls.
  • HEAVY & SHALLOW FEEDING BOWLS: this white ceramic cat slow feeder dish is heavier and designed to stay put, so won’t be pushed over easily by pets,shallow design allows the cats to eat without brushing their whiskers against the sides of the bowl.
  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: The pet ceramic slow feeding bowl great for cat wet/dry food, can food or water,durable and easily to clean, also dishwasher and Microwave Safe.
  • CAPACITY: 5.8'' opening x 1.1'' height, hold 2.7 oz dry / wet canned food for slow feeder, or 5.2 oz water feeding, this whisker-free ceramic slow feeder bowls ideal for cats , kittens, puppies wet or dry food feeding bowl or water feeder,also available for Guinea Pigs Hamster Ferret Glider Rats Mice Chinchinlla and other Small Animals.

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